Blockchain solution & Crypto exchange 
solution development. 
ICO consulting. 
ICO marketing.

We are leading a new economic ecosystem based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

VSTRO is leading a new economic ecosystem based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

VSTRO provides the blockchian based electronic document management solution, crypto exchange solution and provides consulting & marketing service which cover all process of ICO/IEO.

Blockchain solution development

The development of electronic documents management system, which is based on blockchain and smart contract

Crypto exchange solution development

Several experiences in establishing a user-oriented crypto exchange system and over 2 years of related system operation experience.

ICO consulting

Consulting on all processes of the ICO & IEO, including project planning, organization, business model development and coin issuance, and etc.

ICO marketing

Providing marketing solution for successful ICO progress and coin price management

A few things we’re great at

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Electronic document storage



Simplify Procedures and Process

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Forgery prevention and reliability


Blockchain based certificate management system

We implement a system that cannot be forged by encrypting and documenting

the document information on the blockchain platform.

Blockchain based PHR platform

Blockchain solution to securely collect, store, use and share health information online

Simplified solution for trade remittance

Completing the trade remittance by submitting documents through a smartphone

without visiting the bank.

Crypto Exchange Solution

A user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange solution that has been verified for stability of the system

through more than two years of operation.

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